Friday, 19 June 2015

The Old Woman And The Spiders

We read The Old Woman And The Spiders (author Ron Bacon) in my class today:
During the reading the class went from "ugh yuk spiders" to "wow how cool"!

Students started sharing what their families do when they see spiders in the house. Interest in spiders was evident in the class. Then a boy asked, Miss can you show us a spider on YouTube? So we watched a clip about the Avondale spider, found in Auckland's suburb Avondale:

The students needed a task to create and share their learning about spiders: 

  1. Draw a spiderweb in Explain Everything App.
  2.  Take Miss Rapold's spider and put it on the spiderweb.
  3.  Go outside and record yourself singing Pungāwerewere
  4.  Walk your spider around the web while you sing. 
  5.  Save and share with the class. 

Here is a student's movie:
We might try illustrating the ending of The Old Woman and the Spiders next week! 

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