Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tablet Professional Learning Group

Working at a Manaiakalani school means unparalleled opportunities for Professional Development. Teachers talk about their teaching inquiries throughout the day, every day.

Some PD is more formal. One of these is the Tablet Professional Learning Group that focuses on "the pedagogy and processes for the 1:1 tablet/ipad in a Digital Learning Environment"

Tablet PLG usually starts with a brief sharing time to alert others with similar interests and questions who you can connect with to explore further after the share (taken from the minutes, 27 May 2015).

During the discussion time I was approached by a colleague: Can you show me how your kids download their reading activities from your site?

I enjoyed sharing my inquiry with her and several colleagues joined the discussion.

Over the weekend she spent time on my site and was able to use ideas and reflections from my inquiry to create a very similar design on her class site. 

Sharing and innovating as a community is incredibly fulfilling. Go Manaiakalani Tablet PLG!

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