Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Singing my homework

We sing a lot in my class, sometimes in English and then in Māori, Samoan and Tongan. 
The other day a student requested a song I hadn't taught yet.

Miss can we sing Kia tau? she started singing the first line.
Where did you hear this song? I asked. 
I played it from your site from home, she replied. 
I did it for my homework.

I had already uploaded Kia tau to the class site because I was planning to teach it next. Yes, we can sing Kia tau, of course we can.

I reflected on my class site from the point of view that some of my learners sing for homework. I was glad that the student pointed out a place where she is looking to access her learning.

I have since extended the selection of waiata on my class site and included the lyrics so that students can read their language too. 

The same girl frequently asks if she can 'listen to Māori songs' when she has completed her work in class, and I am making sure to be adding new songs over time.

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