Monday, 2 March 2015

Our main app!

The main app I am using in my classroom is Explain Everything. Explain Everything is a "unique interactive screencasting whiteboard app". 

Explain Everything
  • offers a good selection of creating, animating and recording tools
  • projects can be edited, shared, re-used and merged easily
  • shares to many cloud services including Google Drive and Hapara Teacher Dashboard 

Download Explain Everything App:
  • iPads can download the app here. 
  • Windows 8 can download the app here 
  • Android can download the app here. 
  • Chromebooks can download the app here (11 August 2015).
  • OS X Explain Everything Player can be downloaded here.

The Explain Everything Player allows the families to download and view their child's work from home. This supports Manaiakalani's model of ubiquitous learning.

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