Monday, 16 March 2015

A Sample Explain Everything Reading Activity

Many people have asked me What does an Explain Everything reading activity look like? The short answer is, It depends on your learning intention.

Template for guided reading books
Designing activities for individual learning needs.

Let's imagine my students read Going to the River:

A follow up activity for this book could be:

Page 1: label the animals
Page 2: sequence the story
Page 3: reconstruct a cut up sentence
Page 4: write the cut up sentence
Page 5: practice a high frequency word
Page 6: talk about your favourite part of the story  

More: You can view further reading follow up activities on my class site or any iPad class site on the Point England School website.You will need an iPad, Android or Chromebook with Explain Everything App installed. Alternatively you can download the Explain Everything Viewer (OS X only) free from App Store.

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