Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My starting point

This year the whole junior school is going 1:1 with iPads. As every student has their own device, the class site takes on (new) meaning for the students. The class site will drive the learning in all curriculum areas and show what each student is learning, every day!

Visible learning is powerful:

When teaching and learning are visible, there is a greater likelihood 
of students reaching higher levels of achievement.
John Hattie

In order to support visible learning, follow up iPad activities (Explain Everything projects) are embedded in planning on class sites: 

Reading follow up with Explain Everything App
Daily planning starting point

Teaching with Explain Everything App
Class site navigation starting point 

All iPad class sites follow the same navigation logic in order to produce consistency in leading learning across the school. The following navigation logic applies for reading, writing and maths: 

Page 1: class site (bookmarked on iPad home screen)
->click on reading
Page 2: terms
-> click on current term
Page 3: reading groups
-> click on your group
Page 4: weeks of the term
->Click on current week
Page 5: today's book
-> click download your activity  
Page 6:
-> click open in Explain Everything  

As we start out in term 1, teachers are downloading follow up activities for students (from Google Drive). 

I believe it is achievable for students to download follow up activities themselves. I also believe that the class site can be used as a powerful teaching and learning tool and I look forward to exploring this in 2015. My inquiry will look at using the class site to support student learning in a Year 2 class.

Visible learning is teachers seeing learning 
through the eyes of their students, 
and students seeing themselves as their own teachers.
John Hattie

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